Personal Medicine Profile (PMP)

Our genes determine the way we process medications – and thus whether we will benefit from taking a medication, or if it may potentially cause negative side effects.

  • Have you tried several medications before finding one sufficiently effective?

  • Have you experienced side effects?

  • Are you in doubt if a prescription fits to your particular biology?

  • Have you paid for medicine you could not use – or medicine not effective?

If so – you might benefit from having a Personal Medicine Profile (PMP) test.

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A PMP analysis is based on personal DNA and therefore it is useful knowledge when selecting the right medication to the right person.


The results from a PMP test can help a doctor choose medication based on personal genes and enzyme function instead of using the “trial & error” prescription method used today.


Too many patients suffer from side effects or insufficient treatment. By knowing the particular patients ability to metabolize specific medicines, a doctor can take action to prescribe personalized medication

Lifetime Value

Knowing the gene and CYP-enzyme status for a paticular patient can improve the treatment success. When international consensus is clear, new scientific evidence will continiously be updated and available in the electronic version of every PMP.

With the “trial & error” prescription method used today, clinical studies shows the percentage of patients for whom their medication is not effective:













Source: Brian B. Spear. Mango Heath-Chiozzi. Jeffery Huff. “Clinical Trends in Molecular Medicine” Volume 7, issue 5, 1. May 2001, pages 201-204

Clinical studies

Current and future clinical research involving the Personal Medicine Profile (PMP)

The POCT study

Personal medicine at Danish pharmacies. The objective of this study will be to evaluate the PMP test at Danish pharmacies. Endpoints will include pharmacists and patients [...]

The ICANPIC study

Personal medicine in Canada. The objective of the study was to evaluate the feasibility of implementing personalized medication services into community pharmacy practice and to assess [...]

The ABILITY 2 study

Personal medicine and pain treatment. The objective of the ABILITY-2 study is to help improve pain diagnostics and - treatment. This is done by developing an [...]

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Only specific, well-identified DNA variations related to drug response is analysed in the PMP report. Once lab-testing is complete, the remaining DNA material is destroyed.

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