1. Get your Personal Medicine analysis done

There are three ways to obtain the DNA test. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about the DNA test, or where to buy it.

  • Talk to your doctor, he or she can also advise about reimbursements.

  • Contact your local pharmacy, and ask them for the test.

  • Ask for the test at your local hospital

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2. Submit your sample

It is easy and painless with just a swab from the inside of your cheeks.

Send it in the enclosed postage envelope. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Sign the consent document

  • Put consent document and cheek swab in the enclosed envelope

  • Send it directly to Genetelligence

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3. Access your results

You will be notified when the quality control of the results has been performed and a special trained health care professional is ready to help you interpreting the implications of the results for your personal medication and guide you how to communicate the result to you doctor.

  • Access your own results through our secure internet portal.

  • Your PMP analysis is kept safe and secure. We do not distribute, sell or give access to any other third part unless you ask us to.

  • PMP was developed according to Privacy by Design principles, and the workflow is based on anonymous barcode ID and processed in an encrypted environment.

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4. Share your results with your doctor

When taking medicines it is important to consider your body´s ability to metabolize different medicine. Sharing the personal PMP report with your doctor or pharmacist will help you all to:

  • Prescribe the right medicine for your particular body capacity

  • Get to successful treatment more quickly and avoid in-effective medicine in the future

  • Avoid unnecessary side effects

  • Only pay for medicine that is effective in your particular biology

  • Special pharmacogenomic trained personnel can help you to communicate the result to your doctor

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We take your privacy seriously

Only specific, well-identified DNA variations related to drug response is analysed in the PMP report. Once lab-testing is complete, the remaining DNA material is destroyed.

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