Terms & conditions disclaimer

Terms & conditions

This disclaimer relate to the www.GeneTelligence.eu website, the Personal Medicine ProfileTM and any related services that are provided to these Terms & Conditions (“terms”).

Please, be aware that your use of our site or order of any related material or consulting services will indicate your understanding of indicated conditions and limitations, and your agreement to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please, do not use our site or any of the services.

Please, do not change any medications, discontinue medication or change dosage without a consultation with your physician.

You warrant that any biological samples (cheek cell swab) that you submit to us for processing as part of the service are your own, that you have followed the cheek swab collection instructions provided by us, and that you are 18 years of age or older.

Remember to sign the consent form and send it to us along with the cheek cell swab.

In the event that you submit a sample for your child or parent for whom you are a legal custodian, you take the responsibility to ensure that the sample is lawfully collected with the informed consent of your dependent. In this case a signed consent is also needed along with the cheek cell swab.

GeneTelligence do not take any responsibility for ensuring the identity for biological samples collected independently, and GeneTelligence, the owner of Personal Medicine ProfileTM, does not guarantee completeness of genetic data e.g. in cases where the cell swab material is incomplete.

No medical advice

The contents of our site, including any of your or any other client´ s drug response estimates, or any other report generated by the GeneTelligence application and affiliated pharmacies or hospitals (collectively named as “Your Report” or “Your Response”), as well as any other information, disease descriptions, drug information, data, analyses, editorial content, images, audio and video clips, references to other publication and websites (collectively named “content”), are for general informational purposes only – and are not intended to substitute for your professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by your attending physician or other healthcare provider.

Please note:

The Personal Medicine ProfileTM service available on our sites in each territory includes genetic tests that are performed in first class testing laboratories according to European Good Laboratory Practice. The laboratories are accredited according to national law and are made available to you as a part of GeneTelligence´ s research of drug response and drug-gene interactions. By ordering Personal Medicine ProfileTM, you are acknowledging, that you are aware of the research nature of the tests and the provided service (please, also see our privacy policy).

Information disclosed to you via our web portal or in your paper version of Personal Medicine ProfilePM is a result based on your personal DNA – your medical genotype is a picture of what medicine your body can/can not metabolize. The result can be used as guidance on your medical prescriptions. Another side of your medical story is your phenotype. We encourage you to seek personal advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare provider regarding any medical condition, physical symptoms or mental health.

The drug response and dose estimates provided in Personal Medicine ProfileTM reflects the current international acknowledged clinical guidelines and require adjustment by your physician based on your age, gender, weight, intestinal uptake, kidney or liver function.

The clinical guidelines, as well as knowledge of genetics, changes rapidly; therefore, be aware that the quoted dose estimates in your report are expected to change over time without notice or permission. GeneTelligence is under no obligation to contact you or your physician or any other care provider regardless of the severity of implications revealed in your personal report.

However, you can follow the international clinical guidelines related to your genetic data in our portal. We up-date your Personal Medicine ProfileTM at our portal when international guideline changes occurs.

Through your pharmacy or your doctor or directly at our portal, you can get access to your own personal account (your Personal Medicine ProfileTM) and find the latest international medicine recommendations based on your genetic profile.

By ordering a Personal Medicine ProfileTM you automatically appoint GeneTelligence as custodian of your genetic data. Accepting these terms you agree, that you’re anonymized genetic and health data can be used for research purposes.


The content of Personal Medicine ProfileTM are intended solely for your informational purposes and are given for consideration to you and your doctor / healthcare provider. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice and service.

  • You should not stop following professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of your Personal Medicine ProfileTM.
  • Do not interpret Personal Medicine ProfileTM or as a recommendation of any specific treatment plan – we leave this to your doctor.
  • Always consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or stopping any treatment that has been prescribed for you.

Personal Medicine ProfileTM can be acquired through hospitals, pharmacies and doctors with a special education in pharmacogenomics. However, GeneTelligence does not represent any hospital, doctor or pharmacy or any other qualified healthcare provider in any jurisdiction. GeneTelligence accepts no liability in relation to any advice given by the above in connection to the information contained in your Personal Medicine ProfileTM .

 Please call your doctor or the alarm services if you think you may have a medical or mental emergency.

To access your Personal Medicine ProfileTMonline and see the future up-dates, you will be required to create a user account on the GeneTelligence Portal and by that get personal access.

You represent your own identity or are a legal guardian / custodian for your children or parents, whose accounts your will / can request access, and warrant that the information you provide is accurate and complete. If any of the information changes, you should promptly update your account in our portal.

We reserve the right to terminate your use of our site or of services if any information provided by you is inaccurate or incomplete.

GeneTelligence can refuse to grant you a username or password that is already in use, impersonates someone else, is or may be illegal, is or may be protected by trademark or other proprietary rights, or is otherwise offensive, or may cause confusion, as determined by our discretion.

All biological samples will be destroyed after the DNA sequencing and data quality control has been completed at the lab. We do not sell it, distribute it to third parts or use it for other purposes than to generate your Personal Medicine ProfileTM. However, for your service the information of your genetic code used for creating Personal Medicine ProfileTM will be stored in your personal account in our portal so we are able to up-date your personal report with future scientific findings. You appoint GeneTelligence, as a custodian of your genetic and health data.

By accepting these Terms you agree that your anonymized genetic and health data occasionally can be used for research purposes e.g. in statistical reports and scientific clinical documentation.

Limitations on our services

GeneTelligence provides Personal Medicine ProfileTM report exclusively in English.

The DNA sequence includes a wide range of genes and gene variants related to medicines metabolisation in the human body. The scientists do not have all the answers today – so if new significant findings are found in the future, you may need to submit a new saliva sample. The reason for this is that the lab can only run the sequence for what can be measured today.

If you have any questions please contact us:

Tel: +45 22 21 82 42
Mail: info@genetelligence.eu

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