What is Personal Medicine?

Today, doctors prescribe medicine through the “Trial and Error Method”, it means, that a patient will try a drug for some time to see the effect – and if not sufficient, another drug will be tried. This clinical practice has been used for many years and has had no alternative. However, today it is becoming much more affordable and possible to prescribe personal medicine based on a person´ s genetic status.

For a patient who needs to take medication for a long time – sometimes for life – it makes good sense to know what medicine will be effective and harmless for the body. Not only for the economic rational only to pay for effective medicine, but also to avoid side effects.

The typical patient is a chronic medicine user  prescribed a high number of drugs, suffering from pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, psychiatric disorder, rheumatic –  or stomach diseases,

The results on your individual gene variations (genotype) obtained in the PMP test can be used life long to  help doctors prescribing personal medicine matching your DNA. Another side of the story is the resulting phenotype,  and this is why we encourage all patients to seek personal advice from a physician or other qualified healthcare providers regarding other factors  within their medical history e.g. lifestyle, that might influence the dose or the choice of medication.

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