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Everyone is unique – thus our response to medicine is different

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Personal Medicine Profile

Our genes determine the way we process medications, and thus whether we will be able to benefit from them or experience serious side effects. Or maybe not even get a response at all !

  • Have you tried several medications before finding one with sufficient effect?

  • Have you experienced side effects from your medication or perhaps no effect at all?

  • Do you need a second opinion on whether a medication may be of any good for you?

  • Have you ever paid for medication which you felt was useless?

Then you might benefit from having a Personal Medicine Profile test to find the medication that works for you.

Buy your Personal Medicine Profile now

We are different

The practice of medicine has always been about treating each person as an individual patient. For a long time, clinicians have observed that patients with the same diagnosis may respond differently to the same medical treatment.

Advances in technology have made it possible to identify genetic variations determining the effectiveness of commonly prescribed medications.

Personal Medicine Profile relies on this very technology.



A Personal Medicine Profile analysis is based on your personal DNA. We safeguard your data responsibly. Only the genetic information relevant to drug metabolism is processed.


The results from a Personal Medicine Profile test may help you and your doctor to taylor the medication firsthand based on genetic data rather than trial and error selection.


With knowledge of each patient’s ability to metabolize specific medicines, the doctor can take action to personalize the medication.

Lifetime Value

Personal Medicine Profile is a once only investment since your DNA does not change over time. Your report is automatically updated – at no extra cost – with new medicine and guidelines for medication.

Estimated percentage of non-responders to a certain drug treatment














Source: Brian B. Spear. Mango Heath-Chiozzi. Jeffery Huff. “Clinical Trends in Molecular Medicine” Volume 7, issue 5, 1. May 2001, pages 201-204


Current and future clinical research involving the Personal Medicine Profile (PMP)

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Preparation of a clinical studyThe Parker Institute and Genetelligence is in collaboration about a new clinical study with the purpose to investigate safety of pharmacogenetic-guided methotrexate treatment versus standard of care. A pilot study is [...]

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We take your privacy seriously

Only specific, well-identified DNA variations related to drug response are analysed in the PMP report. Once lab-testing is complete, the remaining DNA material is destroyed.

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