A Danish register study shows that 49 drugs have “actionable guidelines” related to CYP2C6 and CYP2C19 corresponding 14.5% of the total sales in DDD.

Pantoprazole, lansoprazole, omeprazole, clopidogrel and metoprolol constituted fifty-eight percent of the consumption in DDD of drugs having “actionable guidelines”. The consumption of antidepressant drugs, opioides, and antipsychotic drugs were 441.850 users, 427.765 users and 128.935 users, respectively. Age distribution of consumption of drugs and drug combinations e.g., for sertraline redeemed either alone or in combination with metoprolol and tramadol, are presented in the study.

The exploratory register study clearly showed that a large fraction of the Danish population, especially the elderly, are exposed to drugs or drug combinations for which there excist “actionable guidelines” related to CYP2C6 AND CYP2C19.

Westergaard et al. J. Pers.Med 2020, 10(3); doi:10.3390/jpm10010003

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