About us

About Genetelligence

GeneTelligence is an entrepreneurial company focusing on science, research and clinical utility of pharmacogenomics. Our mission is to pave the way for personal medicine through our services.

The international team behind Personal Medicine Profile includes seven research and technology experts located in Toronto, Canada, a handful of colleagues from the genotyping laboratory in Copenhagen and the European headquarter located at The Danish Technical University, Science Park in Hoersholm north from Copenhagen.

Personal Medicine Profile can be found in Denmark, Germany and Canada.

The private owners behind the company have been with us from the start ultimo 2018.

Contact: info@genetelligence.eu

Quality Policy

The health of our customers is our number one priority.
Quality and ethics are the foundation for the overall success of our business. Delivering pharmacogenomic services which are safe to use and improve the quality of life of our customers are the ultimate goal of our company.

By continuously providing services which exceed customer expectations, we will build an inspiring company with a high level of trust in everything we do.

Quality must be applied and never compromised holistically within the company and integrated into every functional area. The quality approach must be monitored and where possible, improved.

The adoption of our quality management system is a strategic decision of our organization.

We want to ensure the quality as an integrated part of the organization and the customer safety culture. The quality system will serve to maintain and continuously improve our procedures.

  • Quality and ethics are rooted in our company’s values and culture

  • Quality is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Quality beyond compliance

  • Quality creates value

In order to consistently meet our customers’ requirements and quality objectives, we are committed to improve the harmonization, standardization and simplification of our services, processes and procedures.

According to IVDR (EU) 2017/746 we are in the process of being certified by EU Notified Body No. 2797 (BSI, NL) to earn an IVDR-certification before May 2022.

Lone Fisker
Chief Executive Officer, Genetelligence Aps, EU

Figure 1 – Model of our process-based quality management system illustrates the process linkages.

Customer Requirements are input to services and system realization.

When our services are delivered to our customers (end user) the operational processes for continuous improvement are started. Measurement, analysis and improvement are initiated considering customer satisfaction as a primary end goal.

Genetelligence are under no influence from the pharmaceutical industry.
We do not recommend or highlight any brand from a particular company – we focus on the active pharmaceutical ingredient and leave the decision about brand to the clinicians and the customers.

Data Security and GDPR

All customer analyses are identified by a personal bar-code. This code is a recurring ID for a customer´s sample, when genotyping in the lab, when processing in the department for bioinformatics and are also saved as such in the data portal.

For the sake of the Authorities demands for traceability, we keep the customer´s contact data and ID-control data in our administrator PMP-system. These information is given to us under consent. The data can be seen only by personnel with authorization.

The customer can access their personal data and are able to share them with healthcare personnel – e.g., Doctor or Pharmacy.

However, the European law do not allow gene data to be shared with Health Insurance (HI) on a detailed level. (HI) can only be given the information if a test has been requested and paid for.

A consent form can be withdrawn at all times within 48 hours. A consent form can also be changed e.g., if a customer change doctor or move to another location and want to give a new set of healthcare personnel access to the result. This can be done by sending a mail to admin@genetelligence.eu or info@genetelligence.eu and our administration will take care of the confirmation.

All data are kept at a secure location with double access control, video surveillance, temperature control, fire security, processing surveillance in an internet secure environment. An internal audit of the location is taking place and is documented according to our Quality Management System.

Data are kept under the rules of “privacy by design”.

Processing servers are split into three sections with full back-up service and are separated from other data bases as CRM and homepage.

Trusted Partners

Genetelligence focus on services, research and development in the field of personalized medicine. Therefore, we work with a wide range of private and public institutions. Please, feel free to contact us for possible cooperation.