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The integration of Personal Medicine into clinical practice provides patients, physicians and pharmacists with a powerful tool to individualize treatment, better manage your costs and extract more value from effective medication.

A pharmacogenomic test like Personal Medicine Profile aims to help identify patient risk of therapy failure, predict the right dose of the right drug, help improve patient adherence to treatment and avoid or reduce the risk of serious adverse effects. The secondary aim is cost effectiveness for the patient and society.

Questionnaire surveys among clinicians have shown that the general acceptance of “the need for pharmacogenomic testing” and “the belief that there is a need for pharmacogenomic testing” ranges from 97.6% to 84.3% * – quite encouraging for the future of Personal Medicine.

However, when asking clinicians about their knowledge or readiness to interpret the test results, only 10.3% felt sufficiently informed and 96.5 – 88.8% indicated that they wanted more training* – this could indicate an extra barrier for the patient.

Therefore, we are here to help patients and clinicians to utilize Personal Medicine – please, do not hesitate to contact us.

* Stanek EK et al. Adoption of Pharmacogenomic testing by US phycisians: Result of a nationwide survey. Clin Pharmacol. Ther. 2012; 91(3):450-8