Hvad kan pharmacogenomics hjælpe dig med?

En kort of fin forklaring på hvad pharmacogenomics kan hjælpe dig med. Denne video er fra Florida og derfor ikke en lokal reklame. Pharmacogenetics Clinic Video - YouTube

The use of PGx in Nursing Homes

Four Nursing Homes in Ontario. Measurements Potential drug therapy problems (DTPs) for study cohort were identified during a medication review by a pharmacist using pharmacogenetic (PGx) clinical decision support to identify medication change opportunities. The number of DTPs identified during a standard medication review was compared with the number [...]

Approaches and hurdles of implementing PGx in psychiatric clinic

Despite the many hurdles, PGx testing has great promise to optimize medication selection and dosing in psychiatry practice. While the clinical evidence‐base is growing, a collaborative multi‐stakeholderapproach can overcome hurdles discussed in this review. The development of user‐friendly systems for test ordering, guidelines for use and communication of results, [...]

Time course for benefits and risk with dual antiplatelet therapy

Question  What is the time course for benefit and risk with dual antiplatelet therapy for individuals with minor ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) who carry CYP2C19 loss-of-function (LOF) alleles? Findings  In this secondary analysis of the Ticagrelor or Clopidogrel With Aspirin in High-risk Patients With Acute Nondisabling Cerebrovascular Events II (CHANCE-2) [...]

Data from IPSYC study shows the relevance of PGx testing in psychiatry

Aarhus University Hospital Psychiatry, Aarhus, Denmark, shows in a real-world pharmacogenetic frequency study of genotypes and phenotypes among 77.684 persons a high number (72%) of at least one pharmacogenetic variant or divergent phenotype indicating the importance of pharmacogenetic panel-based genotyping. The study also touches upon panel based genotyping could increase [...]

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