Data from IPSYC study shows the relevance of PGx testing in psychiatry

Aarhus University Hospital Psychiatry, Aarhus, Denmark, shows in a real-world pharmacogenetic frequency study of genotypes and phenotypes among 77.684 persons a high number (72%) of at least one pharmacogenetic variant or divergent phenotype indicating the importance of pharmacogenetic panel-based genotyping. The study also touches upon panel based genotyping could increase [...]

Personal Medicine Service is successful in Community Pharmacies in the Netherlands

Community pharmacy services have evolved to include medical and pharmaceutical interventions alongside dispensing. The pharmacogenomic testing service was implemented across a selection of community pharmacies in the Netherlands. Data were captured on test outcomes and through a pharmacist survey. Following testing, 17.8% of the clinical samples were recommended to avoid [...]

European Society of Cardiology Recommends Genotyping Test prior to treatment

There is a strong and ever-growing body of evidence regarding the use of pharmacogenomics to inform cardiovascular pharmacology. Given the broad relevance of pharmacogenomics to areas, such as thrombosis and coagulation, interventional cardiology, heart failure, arrhythmias, clinical trials and policy / regulatory activity within cardiovascular medicine, as well as to [...]

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