Research collaboration

Genetelligence has a high interest in collaborative work within research to further develop optimizing of medical treatment in the future. Hence, we collaborate with various research groups, universities, health care personal etc. Below please find some examples of collaborative research with PMP.

Personal Medicine for patients with depression and/or anxiety

The literature on pharmacogenomics as a tool to support antidepressant precision is burgeoning. In this prospective, single-blind randomized controlled design, the impact of pharmacogenomics guided versus standard antidepressant was evaluated. Participants were 213 outpatients diagnosed with major depressive disorder and/ or generalized anxiety disorder, randomized to receive pharmacogenomics guided (n [...]

Clinical study, personalized medication

Personal medicine in long term care. Prescribing safe and effective medications for older patients with multiple chronic diseases is a big challenge. Nursing home residents are treated with multiple medications and are at higher risk of adverse events due to polypharmacy and age-related factors. A study by Dorfman et [...]

The ICANPIC study

Personal medicine at community pharmacies in Canada The objective of the study was to evaluate the feasibility of implementing personalized medication services into community pharmacy practice and to assess the number of drug therapy problems identified as a result of pharmacogenomic screening. The study was carried out in two [...]

The ICANPIC study – part II

Personal medicine in Canada - part II In this part II implementation of pharmacogenomics in the clinical setting is investigated. While several clinical trials have demonstrated the clinical validity and utility of treatment guided by PGx, implementation of PGx tools in health care appears to lag behind. The primary [...]

The OPTINAM study

Personal medicine for acute treatment The objective of the study was to obtain "proof of concept" of the value of the PMP test. The PMP test was used as an integrated part of a medication review performed for acutely admitted elderly patients. The endpoints include an evalution of the [...]

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