All data are kept at a secure location. Processing servers are split into sections with full back-up service and are separated from other data bases such as CRM and homepage.

Data security set-up are following the rules of “privacy by design”.

A personal bar-code is a recurring anonymous ID for a patient sample, in the lab when genotyping, at the department for bioinformatics and are also stored in the data portal together with the result report.

For the sake of the Authorities demands to traceability, we keep the patients contact data and ID-control data in our PMP-system. These information are given to us under consent. The data can be seen only by customers and administrators with authorization.

According to European law is not allowed to see gene information at a detailed level.

A consent form can be withdrawn within 48 hours. This is done by sending a mail to following a subsequent ID-procedure.

A consent form can also be changed e.g., if you change Doctor or move to another location. In this case it takes a bit longer and involves a written consent form from the new Doctor.