Mental health

Mental Health

Jane, aged 27, diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression, left work on January 13, 2015. She had a history of anxiety and depression dating back to her teens. During the onset of her claim, Jane’s family physician tried several medications, including citalopram and sertraline, both of which were ineffective and caused side effects such as dizziness and drowsiness. Jane also had a history of non-adherence due to the limited benefits.

Jane began weaning herself off her medications and started working with a rehabilitation professional to whom she was referred by her long-term disability (LTD) insurer. The consultant recommended a pharmacogenomic test. In the subsequent appointment with her psychiatrist (November 23, 2015), he approved adjusting Jane’s medications according to the recommendations outlined in the pharmacogenomic report. Jane started taking Citalopram again but at a much lower dose (of 5 mg) and was to increase very slowly every three to four weeks (to a maximum dose of 20 mg).

Impact: Jane began her new treatment on November 23, 2015 and late December, she reported that her mood had improved, and her side effects had decreased. Jane’s treating psychologist confirmed the improvement in her mood. Jane experienced an improvement in her symptoms within one month  after receiving the results of her report. Jane returned to work in March 2016 (3.5 months after receiving her report).

The Personal Medicine Profile can be used to select which medical treatment will benefit the patient, i.e. finding the right medication, in the right dose for the right person.

The diagnosis is still to be made by the doctor. Do not change any medication without consulting your doctor.

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Pharmacogenomic Test Group. (352 individuals)
Control Group. (333 individuals)

Proportion of patients experiencing at least one medication change. 2, 4, 8, 12 weeks.

PGx-guided treatment of depression and anxiety

All depression and anxiety medication changes were recorded. Number of Medication Change, New Medication and Medication Discontinued (all P < 0.0001) was significantly higher in the pharmacogenetic-guided group compared to the control group during the 2-12 week follow-up visits. Dose Adjustments were similar between groups (P=0.7). For more details we refer to the article: Bradley et al. 2018.

Source: Paul Bradley et al. Improved Efficacy with Targeted Pharmacogenetic guided Treatment of Patients with Depression and Anxiety – a Randomized Clinical Trial Demonstrating Clinical Utility. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 96(2018) 100-107

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Personal Medicine Profile

We are all different

The practice of medicine has always been about treating each person as an individual patient. For a long time, clinicians have observed that patients with the same diagnosis may respond differently to the same medical treatment.

Advances in technology have made it possible to identify genetic variations determining the effectiveness of commonly prescribed medications.

Personal Medicine Profile relies on this very technology.

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