Personal Medicine Profile

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Personal Medicine Profile™ is an easy-to-use decision support service for patients, pharmacies and doctors. The service is based on personal pharmacogenomic analyses to help select medical treatment.

Personal Medicine Profile includes medicinal recommendations based on CPIC guidelines on more than 200 of the most commonly used medications within cardiology, pain relief, gastroenterology, rheumatism, psychiatry, multiple disease polypharmacy and cancer.

Data: Information about the medicines comes from the authorities in the EU and USA. The genotype sequencing is performed under EU regulatory demands in the state-owned laboratory (Statens Serum Institut) in Copenhagen where Genetelligence has got a location. The data from genotyping are transmitted to our proprietary laboratory for bioinformatics which have incoorporated the CLIO, PharmGKB, CPIC and the EU and US authorities guidelines in the pharmacogenetic reports for each person.

When new medicinal information and pharmacogenomic guidelines are published from CPIC and the American Associassion of Pathology all patient reports are continuously being updated online.

Disclosure: All the recommendations are based on personal pharmacogenomic data and focus on active pharmaceutical ingredients. The service is  free of any influence from the pharmaceutical industry. 




Personal Medicine Profile™

  • An advanced drug response test covering more than 200 of the most frequent prescriptions within heart, pain, rheumatism, gastroenterology, mental health, multiple diseases, cancer and lifestyle

  • Free updates of your report for new medication information and dosage recommendations

  • You have access to your result day and night -> share it with your doctor or pharmacy

  • Several insurance companies help cover the cost

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PMP is a once only investment. Use it when new medicine is prescribed.

We take good care of your personal data according to GDPR (EU) with our Security by Design set-up.

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Instructions for use

My Results

The results from the pharmacogenetic test are published in a report available on-line (click on “My Results” in the top right of this web site). You have access to your  results whenever desired.

When you log in to the system you can also see your consent form, the medicine you have submitted information on and a personal summary letter.

The results of your PMP can be applied to optimize your medical treatment in collaboration with your doctor and pharmacist. Do not change or discontinue any medication without consulting your doctor.

The Personal Medicine Profile consists of three steps:

1. Your Personal Genotype sequencing from our laboratory
2. Your bioinformatics built on international scientific research
3. Your PMP report, a decision support tool used to optimize your medication

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